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Dust Suppression System

  ULTEC atomizing theory and application


Waterdroplet in diameter much larger than dust   particle is moved around it by air currents no impact.

 Water droplet in diameter range of dust particle          collides with it.

Basic reserch in the development of the ULTEC Dry Fog Dust Suppression System showed that if a sufficient number of water droplets of approxi- mately the same size as the dust particles could be produced, the proba- bility of collision between the two would be extremly high. It was also determined that if the droplet exceeded the size of the dust particle, there was little possibility of impact and the desired precipitation. Instead, the dust particle would move around the droplet. At the present time, the only available device for generating a dense fog of extremely fine droplets to envelop and bring down the dust particles at their source is the Sonicore atomizing nozzle working in the Dry Fog System. By con- trolling air pressure, atomization quality can be varied from coarse -- 200 to 600 microns -- to an ultra-fine fog of 1-10 microns. Turndown ratios of 30:1 are normal.

Total Systems Solution to Dust Problems

A complete ULTEC Dry Fog Dust Suppression solution to fugitive dust problems generally consists of the following.....

1. All engineering necessary for start-up and control of the system manually or automatically.

2. Spray bars for each individual application point.

3. A centrally located control panel or panels for control and turning of individual spray points.

4. A compressor facility sized to handle the requirements of the total system.

5. Specially designed piping systems to interconnect the system. In cold environments, these systems incorporate thermal insulation and electrical heat tracing.

6. A water filter system for protection of spray nozzles and from undissolved solids found in most plant water systems. Low pressure requirements of the sonic atomizing nozzle make pumps unnecessary.

 Each of these components and services are integrated into a total system to provide highly efficient, low cost operations over a long service life.

Total Systems Solution to Dust Problems

Although the Dry Fog system relies on water for agglomeration of dust particles, it is not limited in its functions by freezing weather. There is a critical freezing mass for water droplets below which the water will not freeze and above which it will. That critical mass is approximately the equivalent of a 20 micron diameter droplet. Sonicore atomizing nozzles can produce droplets in the 1 to 20 micron range so that the Dry Fog system continues to operate normally even in sub-freezing temperatures. A special type insulation combined with a post purge system for removal of all water from the water lines and headers on shutdown helps the problem of the transport of water to the atomizing nozzles. If water droplets produced by the nozzles are allowed to agglomerate on surfaces, freezing will take place but if the system is properly installed and maintained, there will be no interruption in dust suppression.

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